Fixing Stuff Around Yourself

Rabbia Gee
2 min readApr 2, 2021


Idea Behind!

Let me share with you all today how this small thing helped me in knowing the importance of being organised and not to take everything forgranted how it feels when you fix something around yourself just with a small example.

we were being asked to do a small activity.

This is a scene of my room before. it was really messy and therefore it was giving a really depressed feeling to me so i choosed to fix it.
Picture 1
This stuff was my main focus to me to set up!
Picture 2
I first set up them all in its right place then set up all the room.
Picture 3
So this was the final position after fixing all the stuff which was quite satisfying for me!
Picture 4


By doing this activity i noticed that my overall state of mind changed just like the first and last picture. i was feeling more energetic and productive. Before starting this it seemed that oh whole room has to be fixed and when i did it, it hardly took 5 minutes to do this all!

I would not do it possibly if it would not be the part of my project, or i would have delayed it to do later. By doing such way, it opened up this idea that delaying things is nothing but our own laziness. you can definitely work and feel better when you have a healthy enviromment around!

All those reading, do give it a try to this activity and tell other how did you feel about. Thankyou!



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