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Rabbia Gee
2 min readApr 3, 2021

I want to improve my English writing, speaking and listening skills by reading english newspaper The Dawn, watching English Movies / Documentaries every week and ensuring that each word is understandable to me , by reading english books that i have and finishing one per week, by writing blogs on medium, and essay writing on general topics and by learning three new words daily and use them in sentences as well as on my specific diary and by translating urdu articles in english by spending 1 hour daily and 2 hours on the weekend in the next five months.

Why This Goal?

As i want to appear in the CSS Exam in the next week for which i need to strenghten my English Writing Skills and This way i could increase my Knowlege as well.

Challenges Before

I wasn’t clear with either i should go for CSS or not or You can Say i was not clear what to persue in future.


It was quite surprising experience as well as so overwhelming for me. Taking initiative towards my goals has just boosted up my energy, actually told me what amal can bring in your life!

Challenge this Time

I didn’t find any challenge this time as the only challenge was to start and take initiative that i already have taken now!

What I learned

When you take the first Step with courage and belief in yourself every other step becomes easier for You! Just Keep Doing Amal.

What are the next Steps

I will remain my focus on these steps for now though i know the next steps

which are related to the subjects that i have choosen for my CSS Exam.

Stay Blessed!



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