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3 min readApr 11, 2021

Kitchen Gardening

Due to poor economic condtition all over the country due to pandemic and high fluctuating prices of commodities it has become a massive challange for the public to meet the basic needs of their Childeren. People are worried how they manage the daily kitchen expense with continuouse rise in prices of basic eatables goods.

In this situation it has become necessary to adopt some cost saving and healthy strategies in your homes and also for the poor affected people who live from hand to mouth. Kitchen gardening in homes has always been an effective way not only to eat healthy organic food but also to minimize the cost of living and daily expenses. Most of the times, there remain a shortage of vegetables in cities and therefore sellers enjoy monoplolized prices for them.

By research and talking views i found that there is a misconception regarding the kitchen gargening that i might require huge effort for taking care of these plants or it might require a huge area to cultivate vegetables at home. But actually the situation is not as it depicts.

Even at a small place people can manage to grow basic vegetables of daily usage such as onions, tomatoes, chillies, ginger, garlic, mint etc. or any other seasonal vegetable with minimum resources. It would not only save their money but also a refresing activity during this pandemic.

Kitchen Gardening requires only a little care and gives you muliple benefits in return. This is the same way our grandparents use to do ealier. We need to get back to such simpler ways as they use to do. We can use kitchen waste as fertilizers for the soil and so enjoys the perks!

I would highly recommend you all to opt kitchen gardening at your homes. We are still working on the process to ease people with this problem.

It really helped me out to know about what problems people are are facing right now or what are challeneges they think they will have, Therfore we decided to first implement this practice at my own place and show you all how you can use such creative ideas too!

Charity begins at home!



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